Hard Drive Data Destruction

Hard Drive Data Destruction Services


Introducing the area’s only degaussing solution for permanently erasing data on magnetic media such as:

  • Hard Drives
  • Tape Drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • Smartphones
  • USB Thumb/Flash Drives

IROW and its NAID certified processes provides customers with the legally required due diligence for data destruction services.

Hard drive disposal, including those from redundant obsolete computers, retired servers, and photocopiers is secure with Hard Drive Destruction Services.

Why choose IROW Hard Drive Destruction?

  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups by information security trained specialists
  • Our secure chain of custody processes
  • A certificate of media destruction after each service
  • All material is recycled after destruction

If your hard drive isn’t professionally destroyed you are risking a lot of data!

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Hard Drive Data Destruction
As a NAID certified service provider no one in the computer recycling and reclamation industry has a better documented certification and qualification process than we do.
Hard Drive Data Destruction


  • 0% chance of recovery
  • The most widely accepted high security method of disposal

Degaussing is Permanent

  • Modern hard drives have changed little in the last 5 years.
  • A degausser with sufficient field strength will make data stored on hard drive platters unrecoverable by any means.
  • The magnetic particles are completely randomized and there is no partial orientations of magnetic alignments.
  • Garner commercial degausser and NSA listed degaussers all eliminate data. NSA listed degaussers offer significantly more margin for error or changes in technology.
  • After the degaussing process we recycle the scrap metal from the hard drives

*Solid state drives and cell phones cannot be degaussed, but are securely destroyed by piercing and crushing their microchips.

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IROW and its NAID certified processes provides customers with the legally required due diligence for data destruction services.

Reduce your liability by getting rid of that stockpile of old hard drives! Call IROW today to schedule our onsite media destruction service. We will bring our equipment to you – never breaking the chain of custody – and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your compliance records.

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Hard Drive Data Destruction

Why Do Companies in Wisconsin Need Hard Drive Destruction?

There are several reasons why companies need hard drive destruction services. First, when data is deleted, it can still be recovered by someone with the right tools and knowledge. This could lead to sensitive company information falling into the wrong hands. Second, even if you delete all the data on your hard drive, there's still a chance that data traces could remain. A hard drive destruction service physically destroys the hard drive, leaving no data trail behind.

What About The Residents of Wisconsin?

Hard drive destruction services are also crucial for residents with sensitive data on their home computers or laptops. Identity theft is a serious problem, and destroying your hard drive is the best way to protect your personal information.

Why is Hard Drive Destruction Essential?

Hard drive destruction is essential for businesses of all sizes. Data breaches can have devastating consequences, including financial loss, damage to reputation, and legal liability. Hard drive destruction is the only way to ensure that data is destroyed and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Businesses must take steps to protect themselves from data breaches. One of the most effective ways is to destroy hard drives before they are disposed of. This ensures that sensitive data cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals and prevents data breaches that could lead to identity theft or other types of fraud. Additionally, hard drive destruction helps comply with state and federal laws regarding data destruction, including HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Hard drive destruction is also essential for businesses that store customer data. In the event that customer data is compromised, companies could be liable for damages. By destroying hard drives, businesses can protect themselves from this liability.

Data Deletion vs Data Destruction

Two key terms are often used interchangeably when it comes to data: deletion and destruction. However, these two terms refer to two very different things. Here's a look at the difference between data deletion and data destruction and why companies need hard drive destruction services.

When you delete data, it is removed from your active files. The space that the deleted file occupies is then marked as available for new data to be written over it. However, the actual data is still present on your hard drive (or other storage media like USBs, CDs, Tapes, etc..). With the right tools and know-how, someone can recover deleted data.

Data destruction goes a step further than deletion. When data is destroyed, it is completely overwritten and can no longer be recovered. Data destruction is a permanent process that ensures your data is completely gone.

What Other Types of Media Does IROW Shred?

In addition to shredding hard drives, we also shred all types of other media. Below are some examples of different types of storage media we regularly shred:

Server Drives: We understand that some businesses still rely on server drives for storing data. However, these can eventually become outdated or no longer needed. In either case, we can safely and securely shred server drives so that your business is protected from any potential data breaches.

CDs, DVDs, and Blu Ray: Optical media may not be used as much as before, but many businesses still require it. If you have old CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray discs that need to be destroyed, we can do that for you. We'll make sure they're completely shredded so that there's no risk of any sensitive data being leaked.

Floppy Disks: Yes, we even shred floppy disks! If your business still has any sensitive data stored on these old-fashioned storage devices, we can destroy them for you to rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

Zip Disks: Zip disks are another type of storage device that, while not as common as it once was, can still pose a risk if not properly destroyed. We can take care of that for you, ensuring that any data on the disks is completely shredded and unreadable.

IROW: Helping You Secure Your Information

IROW's hard drive destruction technique ensures that each hard disc is destroyed and that its data is unrecoverable. IROW's data destruction professionals can handle your next hard drive disposal assignment. We will supervise the entire operation from start to finish. We provide shredding services to businesses and residents of Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Call us today!


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