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Stevens Point, WI
Shredding, Recycling, And Media Destruction Services

At IROW, we offer shredding, recycling, and media destruction services to help you keep your private information safe. We understand the importance of protecting your data, which is why we're NAID AAA Certified - the highest standard for security and reliability. If you have a file room, cellar, or closet full of unneeded documents or hard drives, don't risk a data breach - let us help you securely destroy them.

The Only NAID AAA Certified Shredding Service in Stevens Point

IROW is the only company in the Stevens Point, Wisconsin, area certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). This certification means we adhere to the document shredding industry's highest security and quality standards. Our clients can be confident that their private information will be securely and reliably destroyed when they use our services.

We are proud to offer a solution that meets the needs of our clients who are concerned about protecting their confidential information. With our NAID AAA certification, they can be assured that we will provide them with the best possible service.

Business Shredding Services in Stevens Point, WI

For businesses, large and small, document shredding is a crucial way to protect against data breaches and maintain compliance with laws and regulations. At IROW, we make it easy for our clients by providing complete shredding services and a Certificate of Destruction after each job. This way, you can be sure your documents are properly destroyed, and your information is secure. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Residential Shredding Services in Stevens Point, WI

Residential shredding services are a great option to ensure your old documents and files are disposed of safely and securely. At IROW, we visit homes, condos, and apartments in the Stevens Point region to provide this service. With identity theft being such a problem nowadays, it's essential to be careful about disposing of documents like bank statements, letters, and credit cards. Our industrial trucks do the shredding right at the curb, and we encourage residents to watch the process to ensure their documents are properly destroyed.

Ongoing Scheduled Shredding Service

Scheduled shredding is an excellent solution for busy businesses that need to destroy large quantities of sensitive documents regularly. Our lockable containers are picked up by uniformed, security-trained personnel at pre-arranged times, so you can rest assured that your information is safe and sound.

One-Time Shredding Service

IROW's one-time shredding service is perfect for large volume or one-time purge projects. We offer on-site or off-site destruction services that you can customize to meet your unique needs. IROW's one-time shredding service is perfect for large volume or one-time purge projects. We also offer drop-off service at our secure facility for smaller projects.

Hard Drive Destruction Services in Stevens Point, WI

Destroying hard drives is essential to prevent data breaches and protect your information. Here at IROW, we have the only degaussing solution in the area to erase data on magnetic media permanently. This service is available to commercial and residential customers in Stevens Point, WI. In addition to hard drives, we also destroy CDs, tapes, solid-state drives, smartphones, and USBs. Call us today to schedule a pick-up if you have any old electronics taking up space in your home or office. We'll ensure they're correctly disposed of so you can rest assured that your data is secure.